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Get to know Sherry Cardinal, LCSW, DAAETS 
Sherry Cardinal, LCSW, DAAETS has been Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1978.  She holds private practice credentials currently in Maine and previously in Texas for 38 years. She also holds a designation as a Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress for her contributions and services to the field.  The focus of her practice has been in treating Post Traumatic Stress Injury, depression, anxiety, mood disorders with an emphasis on critical incident stress management.
Sherry has developed and implemented several social service agencies and programs during her career.  The Fort Bend County Women's Center and Rape Crisis in Richmond, Texas, the Association to Aid Victims of Domestic Violence in Santa Clarita, California and the Critical Incident Stress Management program of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office to name just a few.  At the request of a major drilling comapny in Houston, Sherry focused much of her business, called CISM International, serving the needs of the offshore community in the Gulf Of Mexico and around the world in responding to critical incidents and in corporate leadership coaching.
The most notable of her critical incident responses were to the Deepwater Horizon Incident (Gulf oil spill), Fort Hood shooting, Dep. Darren Goforth murder and the Santa Fe (Texas) High School shooting.
Having studied both psychology and theology extensively, as well as being trained in pastoral care, Sherry is an ordained minister and offers non-sectarian services by request.  As a natural extension of her role in counseling and CISM, Sherry performes, marriages, memorial services, death notifications, celebrations of life, house blessings and other ceremonies.
Sherry Cardinal, called Miskozikwe, the Red Woman, in Ogibway, is a member of the Pembina Chippewa Nation, Adik Songab Doodem. She a council member and advisor for Hereditary Chief Midegah Ogichidaa.

Why the ocean theme for your media pages? 

Many reasons, but first and formost, I live by the ocean in Maine.  I semi-retired here in 2022.  I was raised here in the 1950's and '60s and came back as often as I could, even when my path led me in other directions for a time. Many of my ancestors, British, French and Indigenous, and those of my living family are close by.  This is my home. The above picture is one I took near where I live several years ago, a lucky capture of a wave phenomenon called of 'Neptunes Horses'.

Second, water is life.  That's more than a quaint saying, it's a fact.  Without clean water, everything on Earth would perish. Our bodies are 60% water and our blood is 90%.  The ebb and flow of our lives is dependent on maintaining a balance in nature that replenishes clean water sources. It's something we must to be mindful of.  My time spent working offshore incidents has assured me of this.  As for S.O.S., it is international distress signal, and both actually and metaphorically, it perfectly describes what it is that I respond to.

Third, the ocean is both formidable and healing. Oceans Rule! The Earth's surface is 70% ocean which holds 97% of the Earth's water.  We cannot continue to use it as the world's trash can and expect it to sustain us. If I am ecologically concious of anything, it is this. People are drawn to the power, beauty and properties of the ocean.  According to Charles Simon, we have a 'blue mind', as he puts it.  Meaning, our brains are hardwired to react positively to water.  Accordingly, being near, in or under water makes us happier, healthier and more relaxed, both mentally and physically.  Just ask any beach-goer! The science does concur! (  

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