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Experience Matters!

CISM International has over 19 years of experience serving the CISM needs of the world's major drilling companies. Sherry Cardinal and her team members have responed to incidents in the lower 48 states, Alaska, Canada, US Gulf of Mexico, Mexico and Africa.

One of the highest professional compliments Sherry Cardinal has had was being called the 'psychological Red Adair'.  It is true that CISM is able to subdue and even prevent emotional fires and blowouts!  Having a CISM program in your company is like having a human wouldn't drill without one!


Well known for their 'deepwater' fleet and accomplishments, Transocean utilizes CISM International for their critical incident response team and as a consultant for their employees when the need arises.  We have been privileged to serve aboard the drillship Discoverer Spirit, it's sister ship Discoverer Deep Seas, the semi-submersible rig, Marianis (Pictured), The Cajun Express and Development Driller 1.  See the We Remember page.

Deepwater Horizon Incident



Wild Well Control

Wild Well Control is the world's leading provider of firefighting, well control, engineering and training services to oil and gas operators around the world. CISM International is proud to be a participating member of WWC's crisis management team and provides critical incident services to employees and their families.

Parker Drilling Company

From Casey Davis, Director, Global QA/HSE, Parker Drilling:  "One of the initial steps in managing any crisis is identifying and eliminating as many of the syptoms causing or resulting from the crisis as soon as possible.  Stress is a major factor in most incidents.  Having a tool such as CISM in your crisis management arsenal can either ward off a potential incident or assist in effectively managing an incident."

"Whether it's training employees to handle stress through a Lunch & Learn activity, comforting an employee who's tragically lost a child or providing CISM debriefings after a critical incident on a rig, Sherry Cardinal, LCSW puts her CISM principles into action as an integral part of Parker's Crisis Management Team."

Nabors International

When putting together their internal crisis managment team, Nabors International called upon CISM International to provide CISM training to their team. Sherry Cardinal, LCSW and Chaplain Skip Straus provided Basic CISM, Crisis Intervention and Death Notification training to the family laison officers and senior managment people on the team.  A year later, they had us back to do a refresher/update course.  We serve as an on call consultant for Nabor's CISM needs.

Pride International

As a member of the Crisis Managment Team since 2001, CISM International responds to Pride's needs for critical incidents, CISM training and providing CISM coaching to employees having difficulty handling job stress.  We have been on many types of rigs from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bay of Campeche in Mexico and Africa, providing group debriefings and individual interventions for Pride, 3rd party contractors and the various oil companies leasing the rigs.  As part of the CMT, Sherry Cardinal, LCSW also developed a CISM Employee Handbood and Corporate CISM Policy. 

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