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Preventing Critical Incidents 

A new twist to an old protocol:  CISM also means:

Culture Innovations in Safety Management...Making it Psychologically Safe to Work Safely.

Have you ever wondered:

What the missing piece to the safety culture is?

Why many people fail to work safely and don't follow safety protocols?

What a managers role in the safety culture really is

What people experience and why they behave the way they do under stress?

What separates a good manager from a bad one?

What skills are necessary in managing a more successful safety culture or critical incident?

Using the principles of Critical Incident Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence, CISM International has developed an approach to safety and incident prevention that evolves the culture of safety within an organization by bridging the gaps between cognitive, behavioral and engineered safety programs.

Accounting for the emotional and social factors of human endeavor has been the missing link in many safety programs.   There is lots of research that has validated that the mental, emotional and psychological state of a person is a major contributing factor in incidents of all types. However, it is often ignored or minimized as a root cause in safety programs and audit processes. 

The core values and management of an organization must pay real and active homage to the psychological state of their employees for a culture of safety to endure. There are proven and effective ways to educate and train EVERYONE, from top to bottom, that will promote a safe environment in which a safety culture and program can thrive.

If you are ready to take the next bold step to learn more about how CISM can benefit your organizations safety program,

Contact Sherry Cardinal or call 713-594-0859.

Culture Innovations in Safety Management...Making it Psychologically Safe to Work Safely.


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